Gardening for fun

Planting Guides for Arizona

Not sure what's blooming right now? Here's what to plant when...  Click here for a PDF file from  Arizona State University on planting times for the desert or here for a vegetable planting guide for Arizona.

Ideas Gallery

It's been our honor over the past years to garden in several states.  It is sometimes hard to  find the materials that we need in a new area.  We have often spent days looking for good, inexpensive sources for:  planter boxes, or materials to make them, compost, mulch, bedding plants or good organic heritage seeds to start our own..  

Our Advice

Don't fret just start.  The web is full of good and bad advice.  We will try to steer you toward some of the good advice in this area.  We will add  links regularly so come back often.  Check out this blog post for some good ideas for beginners.