Gardening for fun

We are just beginning to explore grow boxes and materials for them in this area.  We are considering importing some because we are having a hard time finding what we want here.  Below is what we have been working on.

We will let you know what we find as we find it.

Bulk Compost and Mulch

Grow Boxes

  • Pioneer Landscape   This is a bulk distributor of various landscape products including rock and gravel.  You buy by the yard (a scoop full from their loader). We were pleased with their service.  It was as full a load as they could get into their loader bucket. The cost was about the same here as we were paying in Idaho; between $35 and $45 a scoopful depending on the material.  We are experimenting with some of their mulch and compost products this year (2016).  I have not yet grown produce in any of their products. I am just putting together my first beds.  So will keep you posted.  Not all of the mixes that are shown on the web site are available in Arizona.  The ones that are available are labeled as "Arizona"  on the website above. We got our material from the Pioneer on S Higley.  There are several locations in the area just google for more information.  The mulch is a little fine for my tastes so we also bought some of their playground mulch which they indicated was from native Arizona trees but it is a really chunky mix and I am not sure it is going to be good for much other then top dressing and to make the paths between beds look good.  I have not used their sandy loam mix but will experiment with their compost combination and add my experiences with it here as the year goes on. 
  • Here is a blog post about bulk sandy loam from Pioneer and some other alternatives but they were all way out of the area so we decided to see what we could do with the stuff from Pioneer.Type your paragraph here.