In this section we will present selected videos that may help you get a better idea about various parts and phases of emergency preparation. In addition we will have some videos about products, and/or alternatives.  We will try to have the top section of videos dedicated to the topic of the month. Each section of videos will be labeled. We have also listed the length of the video in the description below it.  Don’t be scared by longer videos.  They may be more comprehensive.  Some of the Links may be Slide like presentations and will not have a specified length.  Please realize that this is a growing site so there will be more information as we have time to add it.  If you have an thing that you think we should add please let me know.

July 2018 = Make a Plan

Making a Plan Short but good

Just over 3 minutes.  Basic but good.  May want to start here first.

Quick Intro to Planning

This is a family going through 10 steps of planning to plan for an emergency.  It is just over 6 minutes and gives an overview with some good basic ideas.  6:14 minutes

Red Cross Training Video

51:30 min.  Red Cross webinar for disaster preparation.  Good overview.  Uses a California Earth Quake scenario as an introduction.  Good information

Red Cross Short Video

3:20 min.  Quick overview on having a Plan and Supplies, both mobile and Longer Term.

PDF Presentation from EPPIC (icanprepare.com) website.  Good overview but slow loading and internal links may not work.  You can also see this whole program at www.darvic.net/prepared4/step-by-step

About 25 minutes.  Overview again.  But very good.

The EPPIC Checklists can also be found on the STEPBYSTEP page

Great How-to video.

This is how to close drains and other areas where bad things can leak in.  Great video.  A little over 9 mins on what to do immediately after a disaster.  

One view on an Emergency Toilet

This is a little over 11 mins long and is a good intruction to the needs for and the how-too of an emergency toilet.

Short Video on How-to of Emergency Toilet

Another view on how to handle human waste in an emergency.  Short and to the point. About 3 minutes

PDF Presentation from EPPIC (icanprepare.com) website.  Good overview but slow loading and internal links do not work.

Some Products that might interest your.

A few products you might consider.  

Toilet Seat for bucket

Learn about Composting Toilets Here

There are multiple ways to do Sanitation differently.  This video is about 18 min and is about more than sanitation.  This is an introduction to perma culture as well.

How To Get Water from your Water Heater

Your water heater may be different but this is a good basic introduction.

Good Video on water storage

Very good information about water storage, containers, etc but a little lengthy.  Time 15:41

Take the Leap. Get an Overview of Water Storge

PDF Presentation from EPPIC (icanprepare.com) website.  It loads very slowly so be patient.   It is  a good overview but the  internal links do not work.  Some of the information is out of date but most of it is very good.

Water filters are getting better all the time.

Clean water is a world wide problem and because of that water purification and filtration systems are getting better.  Not all of the things said in the previous over is still accurate.

HydroBlu versa Sawyer Mini

Both are low cost but the flow rate is greater for the HydroBlu and used for a group allows more water faster.

Filters come in all types and sizes

This system is being used all over the world in camp situations.  It is moderately expensive and needs to have water (dirty or clean) in the can at all times to keep the filter wet.  So once you start using it you need to keep using it.

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