This is the place where you can get copies of the presentations and handouts that we have had available to you during our monthly topic focus and the original presentation handouts.  You will also find handouts on what to do and how to prepare for specific emergency situations on this page.  Most, if not all of these handouts will be in PDF format.  To get a copy just open them and then hit the download arrow in the upper right. That will ask if you want to save it.  Say “yes” and it will open your computer and you can choose a place to put it and can give it a name.  You could also hit the printer icon and print what you see to a PDF printer in your printer list to save a copy or to a regular printer for a hard copy.

All downloads are in PDF format. Click to view them and then either download or print to a PDF printer in your printer list which will save the file.

Handouts used in the May 5th Sunday Presentation

Introduction Presentation 5th Sunday in May

Click to view. While viewing as a PDF print to PDF to download

Prepare in advance
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